Property & Facility Management Services

APEX Properties is a specialized brand empowered by a group of strategic partners to serve both landlords and occupants in realizing their property related objectives. APEX Properties Focuses on providing a complete range of property solutions that are innovative, reliable, convenient and transparent.

Maintenance Services

Around the clock corrective and preventative maintenance services are controlled through a 24-hour help desk.This provides a focal point of contact for clients and their occupiers, ensuring the highest satisfaction levels and reducing turnover rates. APEX Properties' team provides transparency in their work by reporting the progress of any given task to their clients on a regular basis through qualified property managers.

Client Accounting

APEX Properties' clients can benefit from the company's accounting and financial expertise which will ensure meeting their needs while being in line with best market practices. APEX Properties recognizes the importance of maintaining proper cash-flows and expenses, in addition to constant monitoring and reporting on its clients'assets value.

Value Enhancement Strategies

APEX Properties strives to work hand in hand with its clients on identifying and implementing value enhancement strategies which will reflect positively on their assets. This will be achieved by using one of the following approaches:
• Improving income/ expense ratio in favor of net income
• Improving life style and service standards
• Defining value-adding capital expenditure
• Restructuring the tenant mixture and asset use

Landlord/Occupier Relationship Management

APEX Properties seeks to maintain a solid relationship between its clients and their occupiers to create a higher level of tenant loyalty. The company believes that this is the bridge-stone of value enhancement as it leads to lower turnover rates and letting fees in addition to playing a critical role in lease renewal negotiations. Some of the services APEX Properties provides include:
• Lease renewals
• Rent reviews
• Dispute resolutions


With current market conditions, making the right decision is a vital factor' for any property acquisition. Hence, APEX Properties works closely with its clients in preparing high-level comprehensive value appraisals prior to any acquisition.The appraisal process includes:
• Cost basis valuation
• Income basis valuation
• Market value review
• Technical review in association with authorized consultants

Property Search

APEX Properties has developed an extensive up-to-date property database to assist its commercial and residential clients in finding the ideal property based on their unique preferences.In order to provide its potential occupants with a diversified selection of available properties. APEX Properties Has adopted a unique approach allowing authorized brokers and property managers to advertise their properties within its property listings alongside properties managed directly by APEX Properties. APEX Properties aims to maintain the highest level of transparency through providing the following services:
• Site inspections
• Contract drafting
• Payment arrangements
• Appliances and furniture arrangements